Yes to Work

Program Timeline

1.  Registration

The Yes2Work electronic application should be filled via website, with the correct required data, as it’ll be officially accredited while applying.

Please make sure that your email address is accurate, as well as a valid mobile number to be easily contacted.

The e-mail is the main communication method which is used for communication and receive important information.

Registration stage is preliminary and does not imply final acceptance to participate in the program, as the applicant must pass the evaluating stage to be accepted.

Please upload your UAE ID copy when filling your application request.

2.  Applicants Election

•  All Applicants will be contacted to provide the decided dates of evaluation. 

•  Applicants will be notified with the evaluation date and place with accordance with their place of residence; via e-mail and SMS.

3.  Applicants Guidance

Applicants will be introduced to all rules, regulations and program requirements, as well as answering all the questions and queries related to the program.

4.  Accepted Applicants Announcement

Accepted applicants will be announced via registered e-mail, and an SMS will be sent to the registered phone number, which includes the program's start date and working hours.

5.  Workplace Selection

• The Yes2Work team will select the appropriate job and workplace, taking into consideration all related details like (the emirate, city, shopping mall, and the daily shift either morning or evening shift).

• The participant will receive the program logo, trainee card, and the applicant's file to pass the academic requirements of the program.

6.  Practical Work (Part-time for 2 weeks)

The trainees will be engaged in the program's practical work for two weeks on partial time basis in one of the precisely selected commercial organizations, which guarantee integrated system that are able to give trainees practical experiences which are required for performing all related tasks professionally as well as experiencing the actual work realities in private sector.

7.  Evaluating Trainees Performance

Applicants' files and performance will be evaluated, where grades are approved through specialized mentors, according to applicants performance to ensure the validity and accuracy of the evaluation based on the program criteria.  Listed below is the evaluation criteria:

•  Attendance and Absence

•  Abiding to working hours in the practical period.

•  Completing trainee’s file and selecting references.

•  Considering the workplace's Supervisor evaluation on the trainee in the store.

•  Considering the Appraiser notes about the trainee in his workplace.

The evaluation phase is conducted for all participants' files, as grades are placed based on job performance, where it will be sent to ACTVET for approval.

8.  Issuing Certificates

After completing the evaluation process based on the trainees’ performance, accredited certificates will be issued in sales services for the trainees who successfully accomplished the program.

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