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Yes To Work
Why should I participate in Yes2Work Initiative?

Participating in Yes2Work will help you preparing for the real working environment in the future. As the program gives you the actual working experience and realities that would refine your personality and develop your skills and your ability to choose appropriate specialization in the future.

In addition, the sales services certificate authorized by the National Qualifications Authority is a perfect addition to your resume, and reflects the reality of the experience gained through the initiative at all levels and can be adopted as similar experience in all areas.

What are my rights as a participant in Yes2Work program?

  1. Equality
  2. Respect
  3. neutral and fair evaluation
  4. continuous support from staff and academic group, besides being certified in the sales service.

What are my duties as an Intern?

  1. Respecting and valuing all program sponsors, where the relationship shall be based on goodwill and respect. 
  2. Having a professional & honorable appearance that highlights the sense of this nation and good leadership. 
  3. Ensure representing the program in a positive way and never spoil its reputation by any means. 
  4. Behaving benignly and in a disciplined way at all times, during the performance of duties, and in dealing with others. 
  5. Persistence on time keeping and pursuit towards excellence and taking advantage of the unique opportunity offered by the program. 
  6. Abide by all terms and conditions for participation in the program.

How could I participate in Yes2Work?

You can register through the official site, and knowing the importance of familiarity with the program terms and conditions.

If I had already participated previously and would like to complete the program in its coming version, do I have to re-register?

Those who wish to attend or complete the program and move to the next level, have to register via the official website every time registration opens.

I entered incorrect personal information during registration, how could I modify it?

You should contact Yes2Work team to modify your personal information except your e-mail; as the system cannot accept any encroachment. So please, verify your personal data while registering.

I haven’t received any email regarding registration, what should I do?

You may have entered your email incorrectly, try to contact Yes2work team for your support.

Am I considered acceptable for participation in the program once registering online is finalized?

Registration phase is preliminary, and does not imply final acceptance to participate in the program.  You must pass in both the assessment and interview.  You will be contacted by the Yes2Work team to announce the assessment results.

If I had participated previously and want to move to next level, will I be subject to assessment and interview?

If you had participated in the previous version of the program and has continued successfully in all its phases, you will not have to make the assessment and interview once more, as your registration request is approved.  The program staff will contact you to confirm your availability during the period specified for the program.

I didn't get any information about the assessment and the interview dates, what should I do?

All information regarding assessment and interviews will be sent via email and SMS, based on the emirate you want to work in. You can contact Yes2Work team if you didn’t receive any information.

I couldn't attend the assessment and interview because of personal circumstances, can I come later?

Attendance is necessary for assessment and interviews at the times specified by Yes2Work team. And in case of inability to attend the interview, please contact the staff to know the other specified schedule.

I couldn't attend the orientation day, can I continue on participating?

All participants must attend the orientation in order to be aware of all instructions and guidelines of the program, as it won’t be repeated again. Also, we welcome parents on this day if they wish to participate and inquire about the program.

Can one of my friends register on my behalf?

No, the participant has to add personal required data during registration, including parents’ phone numbers and other data, which couldn’t be known except by the participant himself.

If I want to change my workplace, whom should I contact?

Workplace is determined by Yes2Work team, and cannot be changed for any reason or under any circumstances.

Can I get out of the Mall in the break time?

Participants are not allowed to get out of the Mall or its facilities at breaks for any reason until the end of working hours, as all necessary facilities and food services are offered for participants in the Mall building.

If I had a trouble with a teacher or any of the management team during the program, whom should I contact?

Kindly contact Yes2Work team via email to check and take the suitable necessary action.

If I had a trouble with my manager in the store during the practical training, whom should I contact?

Please contact your Institute supervisor (Evaluator), and in case of non-response please send an email to, where your issue will be looked into by the person in charge

Am I allowed to change my work time or transfer to another department store during the actual work?

No, and kindly note that the workplace is determined by Yes2Work team and it can’t be changed by any means.

Can I have my break during the working hours in the department store at the time I specify?

No, the participant should comply with the employer’s terms and conditions, and the specified working hours. Taking into consideration, coordinating with the supervisor in the department store in case of requirement to modify the break timing to coincide with prayer times.

I couldn't complete my file, can I submit another day after the deadline?

No, please adhere to all deadlines by the Institute including the time submission of the student's file. In case delivered after the deadline, it will be dismissed and the student will be considered incomplete for program requirements.

If my assessment result was not fair, how could I deal with this problem?

Please contact your Institute supervisor (Evaluator), and in case of non-response please send an email to , where your issue will be looked into by the person in charge.

If I decide to withdraw from the program, what will happen?

In case of withdrawal from the program, the student will be considered as incomplete for the program phases and will not be entitled to receive a certificate for time served.

When can I contact Yes2Work staff during the day?

You can contact Yes2Work team via SMS only from 10:00 am until 8:30 pm daily, except on Friday and Saturday, and with accordance to the emirate. The message should include the participant's name and registration number in addition to the text you want to send, where your request will be handled within 48 hours.  Please be committed to the specified times.

What is the YEStoWork program?

Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) launched the YEStoWork Program to reinforce Emirati youth employability in the private sector and create opportunities for lifelong learning with the support of its strategic partners from the private sector. YEStoWork Program targets passionate Emiratis who are eager to learn and develop their intrapersonal skills and contribute to success of achieving our Leaders’ vision. YEStoWork Program provides participating students with a unique and rewarding opportunity to experience a real work environment and acquire specific knowledge by attending a course in retail services and operations.

What are the objectives of the YEStoWork program?

Build the capacity of skilled Emirati youth with the sense of responsibility towards the nation. Inclusion of UAE national talents in the private sector’s market place. Encourage young Emiratis to start their own business. Enhance young Emirati's skills in marketing and promotions. Create awareness of product evaluation through working in leading retail stores. Ensure continuity of business in the retail sector through empowering, young Emiratis to fill the vacancies in retail sector. Qualify young Emiratis with accredited certificates in retail services and operations from National Qualification Center (NQC)

What are the requirements of applying for the YEStoWork program?

  • The applicant must be a UAE national holding a family book or Mother-national.
  • The applicant must be 18 years and above.
  • Good English language skills.

How can I apply to the YEStoWork program?

You can apply by submitting your application through the website:

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