Yes to Work

Program Outcome

Skills and Competencies

Yes2Work program offers new and unique opportunities for participants in providing training opportunities in actual work environments which develops the participants’ competencies and skills, and enhance their competitiveness in order to prepare a generation who can contribute in sustainable development. The program also improves the participants’ productivity and enhance their contributions in economic and social development and enable them to contribute effectively in the development of Emirate society as a whole.

Professional Fields

Yes2Work seeks to provide opportunities for participants in gaining knowledge in different fields, and develop the value of work and sense of responsibility towards the nation. It also assures the necessity of gaining more experience and job skills at advanced ages, which enhances their self-confidence and motivates them to establish their businesses in the future, and enables them to contribute in UAE sustainable industry.


Qualification of “YestoWork” program is obtained upon successful completion of the four staggered levels. At the end of each level, participants will receive a sub-certificate or a supporting certificate, depending on their level of achievement as outlined below:

• Secondary certificate at level (2) in safe control of merchandise inventory and promotion
• Secondary certificate at level (2) in retail products
• Certificate of support at level (1) in the professional planning of retail trade
• Certificate of support at level (2) in retail trade services
• Certificate of support at level (2) in controlling and promoting stock of goods
• Certificate of Support at Level (2) in Communication and Retail Trade

Once all four stages are successfully completed, participants will qualify to obtain the second level certificate in retail operations.


The second level certificate in retail operations is issued by the Abu Dhabi Technical and Vocational Education and Training Center and accredited by the National Qualifications Authority based on the successful completion of the following course:

• Safely monitor stocks of goods
• Retail products
• Retail planning
• Inventory control and promotion
• Communication

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